There are many best places to go in Africa. Africa is a beautiful continent that offers a lot of attractions. There are many countries in Africa which can be visited during February and March. These places are famous for their rich history, culture and nature.


Best Places To Go In Africa On February

Morocco is a country in North Africa. It is the only African country that is fully independent and has no colonial ties to any state or organization. The monarchy was established in 1912, after the collapse of the Spanish protectorate over Morocco.

In Rabat, you’ll find one of the most beautiful cities in all of Africa—and it’s home to some great restaurants too! You’ll also be able to explore more than just culture when you visit this place; there are plenty of other things you can do here too such as hiking through mountains or exploring caves which make up part of your trip itinerary if traveling within Morocco.

South Africa

Best Places To Go In Africa On February

South Africa is a country in southern Africa. It has a population of 56 million people, the world’s largest producer of platinum, gold and chromium minerals. The country has a diverse range of wildlife and natural habitats.

There are lots of tourist attractions in South Africa such as Table Mountain National Park, Cape Town City Hall Square and Robben Island which can be visited during your stay here if you want to see some amazing sights!


Best Places To Go In Africa On February

Kenya is a great country to visit on your African safari. There are many attractions in Kenya that are worth visiting, including Mombasa and Nairobi.

• Masai Mara National Reserve:

This reserve is one of the most famous safari destinations in Africa. The reserve boasts over 200 species of mammals, birds and reptiles including lions, leopards and cheetahs which roam free across this vast area every day.

• Amboseli National Park:

Located on Lake Naivasha, this national park has plenty to offer visitors with herds of elephants walking through its landscape along with giraffes grazing peacefully nearby.

• Lake Nakuru National Park:

This park takes its name from two lakes that were formed after volcanic eruptions thousands of years ago; they’re both home to hippos along with other animals such as crocodiles or wildebeest calves.

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Best Places To Go In Africa On February

Ethiopia is a beautiful country with rich culture and amazing landscapes. It’s a land of contrasts, from the rolling green hills to the jagged mountains that rise up from the plains. The people are friendly and welcoming, and you’ll find yourself feeling like you’ve stepped into an entirely different world when visiting Ethiopia.

Ethiopia has been famous for its coffee since ancient times; this crop was first grown in there by Egyptians who brought it back home on their ships after trading with others who had already established plantations there. Today, coffee plays an important role in Ethiopian life; large numbers of people depend on this plant for income whenever possible! In fact, over 25% of all arable land is devoted solely towards growing crops such as coffee beans (which makes sense given how much they’re worth). They also produce wine grapes which are exported worldwide thanks to their high quality standards—and if you’re looking for something special but don’t want anything too expensive then try out some local brands instead!


Best Places To Go In Africa On February

Uganda is a great place to go. It has beautiful mountains, lakes and rivers that you can swim in. If you’re not into swimming or fishing, then there are plenty of other activities to do in Uganda: hiking through the jungle with your friends or family; visiting historical landmarks like Queen Elizabeth National Park; going on safari tours through the country’s many national parks (which offer elephants galore).

If you want to visit Uganda on February 21st but don’t have any money at all—or if you just want something different from what everyone else does—then consider heading over there instead!


Best Places To Go In Africa On February

Rural areas: If you’re looking for a place with a slower pace, Rwanda is perfect. The country is still relatively undeveloped and has plenty of natural beauty to explore.

Mountains: Rwanda has many mountains that range from 1,000 feet up to more than 9,000 feet high! There are also volcanoes on the western side of the country that can be seen from some areas near Kigali (the capital).

While it’s not always warm enough to go swimming in Lake Kivu or Lake Tanganyika during peak season (late April-August), there are still plenty of beaches where you can relax on your vacation and enjoy the water without getting wet yourself! Take note though: these beaches tend not only depend on how much rainfall there was last year but also when they were built so make sure not just any old spot will do before choosing one out there somewhere.


Best Places To Go In Africa On February

Tanzania is a great place to go in February. It’s a beautiful country with lots of wildlife, beaches and safaris. The best time to visit Tanzania is between January and March because it’s still warm enough for you to enjoy your time outdoors without being too hot or too cold.

If you like wildlife, then Tanzania has plenty of it! You’ll find animals such as lions, elephants and rhinos roaming around freely where they belong – which means that if you see them (and get close enough), there’s a good chance that they’ll come over and say hello! There are also hippos swimming near Lake Tanganyika which makes for some interesting photo opportunities as well as crocodiles waiting patiently at their nests until someone takes pity on them by feeding them bread crusts instead of meat scraps from lunchtime meals.

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Best Places To Go In Africa On February

Africa is the second largest continent in the world and home to some of the world’s tallest mountains, as well as a wide range of climates. Africa also has a rich history, making it one of the most interesting places to visit on this list.

African culture is diverse and can be traced back thousands of years ago when humans first began migrating out into what is now known as “Africa“. There are many different tribes that live within this region, each with their own customs and traditions that make up who they are today!


Africa is a best continent with numerous regular miracles. A landmass has gone through numerous things, yet it actually stays a desert spring of harmony and flourishing. Hope you have enjoyed this list of the best places to go in Africa on February.

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