Zambia is a best tourist attractions to visit may be known for its natural beauty and history, but there’s so much more to see when you’re in the country. Here are 10 of my favorite tourist attractions for travelers.

10 Best Tourist Attractions to Visit in Zambia

Devil’s Pool

Devil’s Pool is a waterfall on the Zambezi River in Zambia. It is located within the Zambezi National Park, which has been declared one of Africa’s most beautiful parks. The waterfall is also popular with tourists and locals alike because it offers great views of animals such as lions, elephants and hippos at play near their feeding grounds below.

The pool itself is approximately 15 feet wide and 50 feet deep; however, there are many different paths leading down into it from different locations around its base area (which includes several campsites).

Devil’s Pool was named after an old local legend about how this natural wonder came into existence: legend says that two angels fell from heaven when they were hit by lightning bolts during an argument about who would take care of mankind before Satan gained power over them—and so they decided to hide their bodies here instead!

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is the largest waterfall in the world, with a drop of over 1,000 feet. It’s located on the Zambezi River between Zambia and Zimbabwe. The falls are part of an International Peace Park that was established by Britain as an international peacekeeping force during World War II. Today it’s also one of seven natural wonders around the world recognized by UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).

Victoria Falls is a popular tourist attraction because it offers many things to do while you’re there: swimming at its beaches, hiking through forests full of wildlife or exploring caves nearby where ancient civilizations may have once lived!

Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park

Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park can be reached by taking a short drive from Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia. The park consists of four areas: Mwampirashe Hill, Mwezi Island and Chishimba Island (which is accessible by ferry).

Visitors should plan their visit around the dry season between May and October when water levels are low. The best time to visit is between July and August because this is when it rains least in Lusaka.

To stay at the park you should book your accommodation through one of the many tour operators that offer tours here or simply make arrangements with friends who live locally so you can join them for dinner or drinks after your day’s activities are over!

Lusaka National Museum

Located in the center of Lusaka, this museum has a collection that includes artifacts from all over Africa. Visitors can learn about Zambia’s history through artifacts and artifacts. It also includes a library, where you can read about various topics such as the history of Zambia and its people.

The Lusaka National Museum is open Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm (closed on weekends). You should plan on spending at least two hours here if you’re interested in seeing everything there is to see here!

Livingstone Reptile Park

Livingstone Reptile Park is a nature-themed park located on the outskirts of Livingstone. The park has over 300 species of reptiles, including snakes, lizards and crocodiles. There are also many other animals such as birds, monkeys and snakes in captivity here at this attraction.

The best way to get here is by taxi or public transport like matatu (minibus). You can also hire a car for the day if you prefer driving yourself around town instead! The cost should be around $50 USD per person before tax included; however this price may change depending on how many people are traveling together so check online before heading out there just incase prices go up unexpectedly later on depending on demand throughout one’s visit…

South Luangwa National Park

The South Luangwa National Park is a great place to visit in Zambia. It’s a large and beautiful national park that has many different attractions, including the Big Life Viewing Centre, which allows you to see live animals in their natural habitat; and the Lower Zambezi River National Park, which offers canoeing along its banks.

You can get there by taking a flight from Lusaka or Livingstone, landing at Katete Airport (3 hours). Once you arrive at Katete Airport there are many ways of getting around: hire a car for 24 hours or hire one for 48 hours; rent bicycles for 5 days or longer; buy tickets on SafariBus that connects all major cities within Zambia and costs around $50 per person per day including meals & accommodation!

Kalambo Falls

Kalambo Falls is located in the Kafue National Park, and it can be considered one of Zambia’s most beautiful natural attractions. The waterfall is more than twice as high as Niagara Falls, making it a popular tourist attraction for visitors from both countries.

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The area has been home to a variety of wildlife since time immemorial, including lions and buffalos that roam freely around the area. Visitors also have an opportunity to spot elephants drinking water from the river below them; this makes an excellent photo opportunity!

Mukuni Village Tourist Centre

Mukuni Village Tourist Centre is a great place to learn about the culture of Zambia. The village is home to over 160 families, who are known for their simplicity and honesty. You can visit the local school and see how children are educated here in Zambia. There’s also an organic market where you can buy organic produce from farmers living nearby.

Lower Zambezi National Park

Lower Zambezi National Park is the perfect place to see the wildlife in Zambia. It has many different types of animals, including elephants, buffalo and lions. There are also many different types of birds that you can spot here if you’re looking for some bird watching time!

If you have time on your hands and want to spend a day at this park before heading off on your next adventure then I highly recommend it!

The Royal Livingstone Express Train Ride

The Royal Livingstone Express Train Ride is a luxury experience that takes you through the Zambezi Escarpment. The train travels at high speeds, passing over some of the world’s most scenic views as it makes its way to Victoria Falls. You’ll see wildlife, traditional villages and even free-roaming elephants as you travel through Zambia in style!

Zambia has a wealth of natural beauty and history to explore

The country is a landlocked country, with Victoria Falls as its most famous destination, but there are many other beautiful places to visit.

Zambia is a vast country with diverse ecosystems including savanna grasslands, forests and swamps near Lake Kariba (which supplies power for Zambia). The high plateau on which Mfuwe stands provides excellent views over the surrounding countryside.


Zambia has much to offer visitors, whether they’re looking for adventure or relaxation. The country’s diverse geography and culture make it the perfect destination for anyone who wants an unforgettable holiday. Whether you want to explore its rich history or take in some of its natural beauty, there are plenty of options. So if you’re planning on visiting Zambia anytime soon then make sure to check out these 10 tourist attractions that should definitely be on your itinerary!

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